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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

black & blue

Last night we had a bit of an incident.  I was sitting on our bed and Dafney came running in {as she normally} does.  However, this particular time, she tripped over Hannah's dog bed and smacked her head on the base of our metal bed.  She instantly started to scream and I about had a heart attack.  I quickly picked her up and ran to my Husband & made him look to see if there was any blood.  Thankfully there wasn't...but there was a nice big bruise forming.  We tried to put a little ice pack on the wound, but she kept saying "ah, no, ah, no".  

When she woke up this morning, she looked like this:

Her eye was totally swollen and I'm thinking it looks worse than it really is {call it wishful thinking}.  Oddly enough, when I called daycare today to see how she was doing {yes, I'm THAT mom}, they said she hasn't even been phased by her eye.  She was running around "like a crazy girl" all morning.  Phew!  

Hoping her eye heals up and she's looking "normal" in no time at all!  

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