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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bunnies & Eggs & Peeps...OH MY!

Happy {belated} Easter!  We had so much fun this year.  Dafney is walking around now & is hilarious to watch :)  We started the morning with an Easter egg hunt...{read: we put eggs on the floor and hoped that Dafney would see them & pick them up}.  It was fun playing "Easter Bunny" and "hiding" them and fun to see Dafney's expression when she would "find"one!  We had some delicious Pecan Caramel Rolls (holy delicious-ness!)!!  Then we packed up & went to my parents house to spend the day with them.  It was very low-key, but really fun!

{pre-Easter} Daddy showing Dafney how to color her eggs!

{pre-Easter} Dafney's turn...

{pre-Easter} Look at my beautiful eggs!!

Easter 2013: Family photo ♥

Easter 2013: Me & my sweet baby!!

Easter 2013: Enjoying some delicious food!

Easter 2013: Being cute is tiring :)
Easter 2013: Dessert...yum!

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