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Friday, December 27, 2013

a Minnie birthday

I have been a bit of a slacker on posting about Dafney’s 2nd birthday.  Maybe it’s because I was quickly trying to throw together plan her party.  Or, perhaps it was because I was getting caught up in the Holiday frenzy.  Most likely, though, it was because I was in complete denial that my daughter was turning TWO.  How in the world did this happen?  It seems like just yesterday we brought all 5 pounds 8 ounces of her home.  It’s crazy how the time has gone by…in the blink of an eye she started running, singing her ABC’s and counting {in Spanish, none-the-less}.  Even though she’s hit that toddler stage, I still look at her as my little baby. 

Because we’re in between houses, we decided to throw her a small family birthday party at my parent’s house.  We sent the invites out a tiny bit late {my motto: better late than never} and only a few of our family members could make the party.  Not a big deal though…it was nice and low key and all about this little Minnie princess!

Her actual birthday was on Friday the 13th.  She had a great day at daycare!  Her teachers & friends made her a birthday crown, sang to her and made her the center of attention…a perfect way to spend your 2nd birthday!  

When we got home, we had her open her gifts.  She knew exactly what to do with those presents and tore right into them.  We gave her a bathtub baby, a carseat for her babies & socks.  She LOVED playing with her baby carseat…isn’t she just the cutest little “mommy”?! 

Afterwards, we had a special pasta dinner.  My daughter takes after me and loves, loves, loves pasta!  It was her request so we made it happen.  We finished off the meal with some cupcakes and singing!  She enjoyed the frosting.  A LOT.

Saturday was her birthday party and it was Minnie Mouse themed – her absolute favorite!  We gave her a special Minnie outfit to wear and decorated the “clubhouse” with special Minnie decorations – complete with Minnie Mouse plates, napkins & CAKE!  Though I made the cake, I cheated and used a Minnie Mouse mold; I did; however, decorate the cake myself.  Not half bad for my 1st attempt.

After having some pizza {her 2nd favorite food} and cake, we opened more gifts.  She loved opening all of her presents and had even more fun playing with them.  By that time, she was ready for a nap {and so was I}…

It was a perfect way to spend her birthday! 

She continues to amaze us every day and I am so excited to see what new/fun things she learns this year!  

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