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Monday, February 4, 2013

weekly challenge #1

**This was supposed to go live on Friday, but I accidentally scheduled it for March {call it wishful thinking}.  And, after doing some thinking about what day I should start each challenge, I've decided to change the day to Sunday.  My reasoning is because I usually do my grocery shopping on Sunday's & this way, I could prepare better for the new weekly challenge!  So, plan to see the next weekly challenge next SUNDAY {February 10th}!**

Happy February 1st – where does the time go?!  Not only is it the 1st of the month, it’s FRIDAY!  I can hardly contain my excitement…I love Friday’s!  Since it’s Friday, it’s time for me to kick off my very FIRST weekly challenge {jumping up and down & waving hands in the air}!  Since it’s the first challenge, I’m going to ease into it…{read: I wasn’t organized & needed something easy to start with}. 

Week 1 challenge

Water, water, water!  Yes, it sounds simple, but it’s definitely a challenge; at least it is for me.  The tricky question: how much water does a person need to consume in a day?  There are so many different answers to this not-so-simple question.  The way that I’ve always estimated my water intake needs is by taking my weight {which I will not be divulging on this blog} & dividing it by 2 and that’s the magical number of ounces needed for the day.  I’ve also heard 10 glasses (=1 cup/glass) of water / day. 

How do you calculate YOUR water intake?

So, here’s my challenge to you: drink ten {10} 8 ounce glasses of water each day…for the next week!  Water is such an important part to our diets & I think {for me at least} we tend to lack the proper amount of water we intake each day.  Truthfully, I love, love, LOVE me a nice glass of ice cold water – but, sometimes it’s just easier for me to grab one of those not-so-healthy-sugary beverages.  And, I don’t plan on giving my daughter any of those not-so-healthy beverages {at least not for a long, long time} – so I figure, I should lead by example.  Habits aren’t always necessarily bad & this is one of them.  I want to get into the habit of reaching for a glass of water – good for your skin, good for your figure &  just plain refreshing!

So, get yourself a nice, cold {or warm; whatever you prefer} glass of water…or 10 {um, then plan on hitting up the little girl/boys room way more frequently}!!

Challenge yourself & good luck :) 

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