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Monday, January 28, 2013

weekly foodie & exercise challenges!!

Hi All,

Can you believe we're almost one month into the new year?  Seriously, time flies!  In honor of the new year, I wanted to feature something new on the blog.  Nothing fancy or crazy & really more for me, but if you'd like to join in {who doesn't love a friendly little challenge?} even better!  

I'm really excited because I'm going to start to feature a weekly foodie or exercise challenge each & every Friday!  It's my hope that these weekly challenges will help me eat healthier, exercise more & feel better about what I'm eating & what I'm feeding my family.  Now that I have a little one that's able to eat, well, pretty much anything she wants, I feel it's really important for me to make better food choices.  Don't get me wrong, I certainly don't eat crappy food all the time {or even that often, really}, but I know there areas where I can improve.  And, I figured, healthy eating & exercise kind of go "hand-in-hand" so I will be including exercise challenges into the mix, too!  

Here are the details:

Each Friday I will blog about a new weekly challenge.  Then once or twice throughout the week, I'll document how I'm doing.  I'll include pictures, recipes, challenges I face(d) & everything else in between!  I think it will be a great way to eat healthier, move more & it will hopefully force allow me to blog more often!  Of course, I'll still post about my super, adorable, sweet baby girl & our everyday happenings, but I feel that this will be a good way to keep me in check with how I'm doing with my own personal food & exercise goals. 

Here's a taste of some of the challenges you can expect to see in the coming weeks:

  • Water, water, WATER! 
  • Just say NO: sweets & treats! 
  • Goodbye processed foods! 
  • Stair Challenge! 
  • Get out & walk! 
Okay, I think you get my drift :)  

What kinds of challenges would YOU like to see?  

Look forward to the first challenge coming up THIS Friday!! 

Happy Monday!

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